The Untold Story

I am supposed to keep my side for what I have been hearing and feeling the instant I’ve walked-out from the office from the inflexibility of their heart and the thickness of their nerve which now totally rooted in their veins. I cannot imagine how we started with a good camaraderie but then it was taken-over by a selfish and personal matter which inconsiderably taking decisions based on pasip-sip, unverified chikkas and emotional issues. I do not know anymore where that is El Capitan that has thought me knowing a person and how to preserve principles despite the emerging and destructive situations a person may experience with. Ang batasan mugawas gayod diha-diha sa tininu-orayng pakig-ambit sa kaubanan, pakigpili usab kung kinsa man ang mahigala ug diha-diha ang mas timbang ug mapundi pero apan timan-i nga ang magapili mao usab ang pagapiloon sa umaabot.

There were people who were immobile during the process who call themselves boss, where they consider their selves brilliant based on their own standards. They have been active now and feeling know-it-all but actually have resulted to know-nothing at all. Spend a lot of time to know thyself; you know what your capacities are. Ayaw pagpaka-aron-ingnon kay ang maskara sa pagkamalinlangon dili dugay nga mutabon ug musampong, ug kung kani mougat sa pamilya diha-diha sa iyang panaw magsumikad ang kangil-ad sa relasyon ug pakighigalaay ug pakigsinilanganay maugdaw.

I didn’t understand when he said neutral which he obviously takes sides. Let me remind that being neutral is taking action out from your own decision without hitting anybody or a nobody (win-win ba!?) and not a manufactured decision taken from a monopolous emotional. Ang baroganan usa ka pundasyon sa personalidad wad-a ug gub-a kani ug mugawas kang kiang sa imohang kaugalingung prinsipyo. Well it depends much how the person perceived life and living ug sa panabot.

When a person owes you gratitude does it mean in Bisaya, “Utang kabobot-on”? But I have my own definition of that, it is actually taking friendship seriously were you can share what you have and sometimes what you don’t without considering the length and width of the stuff. There are situations where you sides things negatively but relieving friendship and its value would mean a lot, it’s like you are in a war but you still see the beauty of the conflict that despite it, learning will begin. Pero kung ikaw magahangul ug magahiun sa imong pakig-ambit ug pakighandum sa higala o pamilya man, magahiun usab kanimo ang panahon para sa imong pamilya. Kay ingun panila weather-weather lang.

As the truth perceived, life where we stand and live now is a difficult process. It is the greatest truth but once we truly know that life is difficult and learnt to understand and accept it, then the truth that life is difficult will matter no more. Through that we can now live life simply and by making it simple we could take things peacefully and purposely.

There are also different sides of a story, it is big No when you reason-out life difficulties through ill-attitudes and misbehaviours, much more you cannot excuse yourself by sticking because you want to inflict pains and you do it because you fully enjoyed it, nor just to say I am the boss and you should respect me, in that way you may have forgotten that positions and respect are earned not through memo or papel de mandó. But honestly you can have those as a prerequisite but not as respect.

As we have read Rizal’s book he showed us the two levels of a ferry (much of a tabo, duh kabó ba!) the higher ups are for the high class “the royal family” and the lower of course are for poor Filipinos “Indio” as Rizal coined it in his novel. The “indio” which sounds like “inyo” when mouth in Boholano dialect has the workforce which potentially rowing boat aside of course from the pasaheros there were trabahante sa kabó (ferry).

Those Indios are force to work not anymore a workforce which was held in neck. They have to work thinking that they might sound shameful when they don’t do their part nor run off from the post. Indios characters are mainly Filipinos, hospitable, accountable, responsible etc. there were inaccuracy but learnt, however it did not last but have lost their amour since the upper class has keep rerouting the ferry from its previous navigation and had affected it course notwithstanding the pasaheros who waits to be landed.

After a series of navigational misdirection, finally the kabó have arrived with shattered trabahantes and pasaheros disappointed and blaming why they took the ferry and then the pasaheros have to live soon but still have to finish baggage check while Indio workers have to re-examine and fix the kabó as commanded by Nuevo El Capitan del kabó.

To be continued….


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