Burst of Sentiments Learnt

Today is the Feast of Immaculate Conception this means that on this very the same day Jesus was conceived inside Mother Mary’s womb and signifies the beginning of the world’s glory. This day has been celebrated significantly by devote Catholics in every Philippine regions.

Early this morning Jana, Dia, Myra, Father Bert, Dr. Bing and I went to walking distant San Pablo Parish and have joined mass. The priest homily was all about Mother Mary’s discourse with angels of God and her devotion to bring child Jesus in her life however what took my thought was the priest’s integration of the story about Mary Magdalene, the bible character who was adjudged by the mob of being the filthiest woman by her profession as prostitute. Jesus came on time when angry mob tried to cast stone to Mary Magdalene, Jesus interrupted and told them “who considers themselves sinless, can cast stone to this woman” but no one ever did and the priest continued, “it would have been Mother Mary could throw stone to Mary Magdalene, she is the virgin who was shielded from sin and that is how she was moulded to carry the handmade of the lord”.

Prior to parish visit, earlier that morning I felt irritated from the information mouthed by mom, it was about the ferry in Jose Rizal’s novel El Filibusterismo, and yes it has arrived and Doňa Eriquita had her way to its Palasyo Negro. After mom aired her side I thought that I was about to explode I should have counted 1 to 10 to appease myself, just like Tink in Tinkerbelle Part II when she was annoyed but I was covered by the mounted anger derived from Doňa Eriquita and her Alipores and blown up and I was not able to grip, disclosed matters which concerns them negatively.

Who wouldn’t do those things? After Indios have been treated insensitively, Makibaka was the only appropriate answer as our brother rejectionist NPA went for revolutionary arm struggle. I could say that only those weak that would take down their flags. Yes, it’s true I did it purposely to make them realize of their own selves.

However the mass was over and I was not able to pay attention it had bothered me a lot and left the parish with heavy heart. Hours had passed.

In the evening I had dinner with Jana at MINCODE’s Eat and Help here in Matina, I shared my sentiments and she relate her stories about dialogue. She is one of the people I kept which I consider treasure-friends who glow inside, listening and sharing while they glimmer. I have to say that people are made uniquely, there are things you don’t dance together but it is not necessary that you dance as well. Don’t deal with people attitudinally you may hurt them culturally, deal with their ill-deeds and they may breed.

At the end of the day, I reflected and told myself “You were wrong Glen let them realize and ponder upon it, it may not be today but time will come, as the process of learning come firsts before realizing”.

Learnings are more colourful when learnt from rainbow friends, it may be sour when negative but extracts are more aromatic. Appreciate the beauty of misunderstandings and conflicts.


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