Mi Cumpleaño Vivien!

Mi cumpleaño is coming, yet i don't feel any excitement at all, most probably because of old baggages which was never unloaded, i have tried to understand the meanings but then it was elusive and have been hiding for a long while.

If i can only revive the amore which was always there for me maybe it would change a lot.. but sometimes the amore might end up something else if bridges have been always there to create troubled water, it sounds negative but yes i gave up what i have started.

Giving up was actually both sacrifice and discovery , a sacrifice for it is about giving up the responsibility and accountability, responsibility to those people who have relied and gave trust... accountability for the community we have work with and to the partners of the organization and for the reason i kept for my own, a discovery for it can create new avenues for learnings and sharing, others might consider opportunities and chances on how the programme works, discovery of self and capacities let me include worth and value..

But what sadden me is that how this ill-attitude and misunderstanding or shall i say in my words as HP Deskjet F4100 which keeps hindering friendships, values of work, etcetera.. i am wondering what do they call those? is it letting the rain goes while the ants stocks has been already utilized? or shall i say just let it be for it may just perish and everything will be back to wherever it came. for me its dialogue and constant communication is the two-key significant words that has been overlooked just to protect the other side of the coin for it may not favour the less..

You shall not hear from me, for i have been talking to loud before.. i will keep my side for I know that will be a worth option i can offer.


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