Climate Change: Livelihood and Food Security

Climate Change have been airing the discussion arena today, experts and advocates from anywhere in the world have gathered together to fight and joint hands for the cause of an inevitable forces of nature which was the creation of human greed and irresponsibility.

From continuous rains and heat to the abandoned farmlands, the impacts of these climate-driven course on the Food Security and livelihoods of the outback Indigenous Communities in Northern Mindanao, Philippines.

Kalilangan one of the Indigenous Community in Iligan City, Northern Mindanao have been puzzled for the extra dilemma that its people have had experienced, excessive heat and continuous rainfall destroying crops and rice fields including the migration of pest-corrupting crops. These changes are very unfamiliar to them, Tribal leaders considering it as a backlash of the Gods for the abuses inflicted by the humans in many decades.

Kalilangan is one of the conflicted areas in Muslim Mindanao, aside from its claim to be reunited with its Muslim and Indigenous Provinces it has become the land of “Rido” a clan-conflict generally known as Family Feud, blood revenge.

The Indigenous People are known to predict the weather of the year but because of the current condition of the earth on climate change, planting season are now never-observed, when villagers spotted raindrops they used to ran and ready their fields to plant which is a threat to their existence same as livelihoods are deprived and farm crops were destroyed by the excessive heat and rain.

These impacts had been eroding the world today specifically affecting the developing countries, bearing in mind that Food Security and Livelihood are two linking issues which is a key to survival. Man may live without work but he can never survive without food, without the energy to confront its challenge and the fuel to take its path.

Alarming indeed, yet the answers cannot be found in just one click nor in the hand of one but it mostly relies in every community may it be in rural or urban areas, grassroots communities should join hands together to form a collaborative network and take hands-on to climate change.

One of which is the indigenous peoples communities best practice for hinterland water collection through using rain-water technology by gathering for bath, water for the farms and alike. A better commence in conserving and utilizing our natural resources in sustainable and renewable ways.


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